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Knowing how to cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life not only keeps us happy and successful, it also keeps us well. Some of us have always been easy-going or eagerly anticipating new adventures. Others have a really difficult time adjusting to differences in schedules or environments. It’s been said that Americans have a habit of wanting to blame someone/anyone for life’s little annoyances. When little annoyances don’t throw us for a loop, our children learn that they can simply go around, fix it, or stop and play. She doesn’t have to have a temper tantrum if she can’t find her “paci”. Here are some more suggestions:

• Put your child in situations that will teach him the skills he will need to be successful. Assure him that he is competent and capable. Set reasonable expectations so that your child can be successful, praising him for efforts as well as results. Be supportive by saying and acting like you believe “You can do it!”

• Teach your child problem-solving skills. You can do this by helping her understand that there are many ways to solve a problem. Discuss options and help her make a good choice.

• Don’t give in to your child. When you have made a commitment to a particular standard, help your child learn how to cope with “No.” He will figure out a more satisfactory solution for himself anyway, and your family value has been preserved.

• Teach your child that failure can be an important learning experience. Don’t be critical of her mistakes. Instead help her view failure as a type of feedback that indicates more learning is needed. Teach your child the value of perseverance. Most of us get numerous chances.

• Be a good role model for your child. We live in a stressful world that is made more stressful when we react strongly. The maxim “Easy does it” is easier on everyone involved. We need to demonstrate how to express anger, disappointment, hurt feelings, and sadness in ways that honor both our feelings and those around us.

There is one coping aid that can make all the difference in the world to children that are feeling upset, frustrated, disappointed, or rejected. It’s a simple, two-step technique that almost always brings good results. Step one is to place your arms securely around your child and squeeze lightly. Step two is to say the magic words “I love you.” It’s amazing how much we can do when the most important person in the world believes in us.