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Current Newsletter
Teacher Appreciation Week is in a couple of weeks (May 4-10). This piece off the internet is by Frosty Troy. “’Where are the heroes of today?’ a radio talk show host thundered. He blames society’s shortcomings on education. Too many people are looking for heroes in the wrong places. Movie stars and rock musicians, athletes, and models aren’t heroes; they’re celebrities. Heroes abound in schools, a fact that doesn’t make the news. There is no precedent for the level of violence, drugs, broken homes, child abuse, and crime in today’s America.

Educators didn’t create these problems, but they deal with them every day. Consider Dave Sanders, the school teacher shot to death while trying to shield his students from two Neo-Nazi youth on a shooting rampage at Columbine High School. Sanders gave his life, along with twelve students. Columbine Special Ed teacher Robin Ortiz braved gunfire, moving from classroom to classroom, shouting at students and teachers to get out of the building. His action alone cleared the east side of the school.

Doris Dillon dreamed all her life of being a teacher. She not only made it, she was one of those wondrous teachers who could bring the best out of every child. One of her fellow teachers in San Jose, Calif., said, “She could teach a rock to read.” Suddenly she was stricken with Lou Gehrig’s disease, which is always fatal, usually within five years. She asked to stay on the job — and did. When the disease was diagnosed, she wrote the staff and all the families that she had one last lesson to teach — that dying is part of living.

Last year the average teacher spent $468 of their own money for supplies kids had to have but could not afford. That’s a lot of money from the pockets of the most poorly paid teachers in the industrial world. Schools don’t teach values? The critics are dead wrong. Public education provides more Sunday school teachers than any other profession. The average teacher works more hours in nine months than the average 40-hour employee does in a year.

What is it that our kids really need? Math, science, history, and social studies are important, but children need love, confidence, and encouragement, someone to talk to, someone to listen, standards to live by. Teachers provide upright examples, the faith and assurance of responsible people. Kids need to be accountable to caring parents who send well-disciplined children to school. These human values are essential in a democracy -– anything that threatens them makes our whole society a little less free, our nation a little less strong. Despite the problems, teachers laugh often and much. They have the respect of intelligent people and the affection of students who care. Teachers strive to find the best in their students. No other American bestows a finer gift than teachers reaching out to the brilliant and the retarded, the gifted and the average. Teachers leave the world better than they found it, knowing if they have redeemed just one life, they have done God’s work. They are America’s unsung heroes.”