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The Montessori classroom is so respectful of the child as an individual that it must be something of a shock for our little ones to go out into the world where almost nothing is set up to meet their true needs. If you have an interest in continuing the concept of true independence for your child at home, the following suggestions might be helpful for the practical life experience for your child. • Make excellent-quality, child-sized implements available for all tasks. It must be frustrating for an individual who is only three feet tall to attempt to rake a yard with a six-foot tool. Good quality scissors and sharp knives are a must. • Little verbal explanation is needed when showing the child a new activity. The child learns by watching rather than by listening. • You are a teacher by example rather than by technique. The child is watching you every minute. If you teach the child in one way but you actually perform the work in another way, the child will do the work the way you do it. Remember to sequence your activity exactly the same way every time. • Break down each activity into steps by pausing silently at each appropriate moment while showing how to do it. Washing hands, for example, may take as many as 40 or 50 different movements. Slow your movements so the child can observe and absorb. • Allow the child to work at his pace, not yours. This holds especially true of such activities as family outings or walks. It takes time to experience the kind of detail that young children feel, hear, and see. If you can connect with that same detail, your own life will be all the richer. • Allow the child to repeat the activity as often as possible. It is through these repeated actions that information truly becomes a part of the child. • Be patient, cheerful, and consistent in your expectations. Always consider that your child is doing the absolute best she can do at the moment. No child ever deliberately antagonizes the beloved parent. (I know this can be difficult to believe at times, but it is always true!) Have no expectation of your child’s progress. As you begin designing your home and your life to accommodate the people who live there, consider the needs of all family members and the lifestyle that makes your family unique. That works best for all of us. If you’re really wanting to pursue this, special child-sized implements are available from a number of places linked via our website. Our favorite is You might let grandparents know about these places to find quality products for your child, especially as the holidays arrive.